7 benefits of why you should make insurance the career choice for you

So, you’re thinking about starting a career in the insurance industry. . Here are 7 benefits of why you should make insurance the career choice for you. Then, towards the end, I’m going to share my story and how I got into the business, and how making insurance my career choice has changed my life.

1. Freedom

Freedom! It provides freedom to you. There are a lot of individuals that need freedom. They like freedom and they don’t want to work for someone, they want to be their own boss. These people are entrepreneurial-minded, spirited, and driven and they want to do something special in the world. Insurance allows that, it allows freedom. My father was an insurance agent when I was growing up as a kid. He was able to attend my ball games and take us on vacation at least once a year. He had the freedom to do what he wanted to when he wanted to. Now, if he took advantage of this freedom too much, then he probably wouldn’t have been as successful as he was. However, it does provide a lot of freedom. You may have to work a lot of hours in the early stages, but you end up with a lot of freedom and time later in life. As you will have a book of business, renewals, referrals, and your residual income. This is when you can start to do things that you really want to do. So, it can provide a lot of freedom.

2. Helping People

You’re helping people. You’re doing a service. You are doing right by people and insurance is something that people need. Insurance is something people must have, whether it’s health, medical care, car issues, home issues or renters, etc. You don’t always have to have life insurance but if you want to protect your family then you should have life insurance. I don’t view insurance as something that would be nice to have, I view it as a must-have. By selling insurance, you get to go out and help people with something that they need and want, they’re looking for a warm market that your family and friends already own and are familiar with. You are helping others with problems that they didn’t even know they had by developing a skill where you can start to look and find ways to help people. Everybody has the urge to want to help others, some have this urge more than others. So, if you like helping people, seeing people win, and helping put people in better situations then you’ll love the career choice of insurance.

3. Compensation

It is statistically proven that there are more millionaires in the insurance and financial services industry than in any other industry in the world. So, this career is the best way to make phenomenal compensation in the short or long term and for the rest of your life throughout your entire career. I have made millions of dollars in revenue since the age of 19 years old since starting in the insurance industry. It allows a person to have some goals – some financial goals that you can strive to achieve. My wife and I just bought a nice home with a pool in the backyard and are planning to own a beach house by next year. I also want to eventually own a private jet! These are financial goals that are not always possible in a lot of industries but the amazing thing about insurance is the compensation is a massive benefit.

4. Recession-Proof

The insurance industry has strived during the pandemic period. Not everyone has been so fortunate, but I have been blessed to be in the insurance industry during this time because everyone still needs insurance, possibly more during this time and people are even more open to talking about insurance. Insurance has been around for hundreds of years; it’s not going anywhere. We’ve always been selling it and people will always need it. No matter what happens, such as stock market depreciation, coronavirus, or anything that causes issues, everyone will always need insurance. This is great because you’re always going to have a job, you’re always going to have a career and you’re always going to have people to help.

5. Developing a skill

You’re developing a skill. This is an important part that most people don’t put on the list of benefits. The skill is really the relationship-building aspect, you need to be great at building rapport and building relationships by getting people to know, like and trust you and being able to find common ground with people. The relationship aspect is the most important part of this industry, it’s a huge benefit to have. I’ve met some amazing people and some amazing clients and that is because I’m good at building rapport, it is in my natural good positive energy. I can have easy conversations with individuals and really care about them. I listen and ask good intent questions to make the whole process easier for them and myself.

Communication is your ability to communicate with someone randomly that you’ve never met and be able to communicate in a good way, that takes a skill that a lot of people don’t have. Customer service is your ability to be agreeable, to listen to customers, to want to solve their problems, and to let some customers vent because sometimes that’s all they want to do. These are some key skills that you will develop which will impact you and stay with you for the rest of your life. That’s why I love focusing on the different skills that the insurance industry brings.

7. Solid Career Path

It’s a career. It’s not a short-term job, it’s not an internship, it’s not an externship, whatever that is. This is a solid long-term path that is viewed as a career. A lot of people in the past that are not in insurance, did not view what we’re doing now as a career. But they do now because they see where we’re going and how the industry is succeeding. So, if you’re looking for a solid career, this is a long-term career, with massive benefits.

8. Flexible Working Schedule

You can travel or not travel. What I mean by that is there are insurance agents that choose to travel all around for their jobs because they enjoy it and want to incorporate it into their working time, then there are others who prefer to stay at home, both are excellent choices and viable options in this line of work.

10 years ago, I get started in the insurance industry. I made a decision to join, and I made $167,472 in my first three months and fell in love. I then made it a career choice for the rest of my life, and I can tell you it’s the best decision I’ve ever made, career-wise. I love the insurance industry; I’ll always be a part of the insurance industry and hopefully, you will be too.

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