Why choose a career in insurance?

Why choose a career in insurance? It’s a common misconception that if you’re in insurance, you’re either a painfully boring office worker or a quick-talking manipulator trying to sell people insurance they don’t need. But these silly stereotypes couldn’t be more wrong. People who choose this line of work are part of a fast-growing, innovative, and dynamic industry that is full of different types of people. The insurance industry is an essential part of the economy and affects almost everyone in it. Whether you’re a business looking for liability coverage or someone who’s just looking to buy health insurance, almost everyone needs insurance.

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of pursuing a career in insurance.

1. You can get to make a real difference

Nowadays, people don’t just think about money when they look for a job, they also look for purpose or meaning. A lot more people are taking interest in professions that can offer the ability to give back to the community.
Being an insurance agent means that you get to do meaningful work for others and be more involved in the community. Essentially, the insurance industry is all about protecting the members of a community.
Insurance can help in times of need, tragic incidences such as fires or the death of a loved one. Possessing insurance in these situations could mean a world of a difference for people and therefore by encouraging them to get insured, insurance agents are protecting them.

2. You’ll have many opportunities to advance your career

It’s predicted that half of the insurance workforce will retire by 2028, this means that there will be an abundance of employment opportunities in the industry. Currently, not many know about the benefits of a career in insurance, with only about 4% of millennials showing interest in it. That means the field is not oversaturated, allowing easy career advancements in this industry.
Upon entering this industry, you’ll find that there is a wide array of professional and educational opportunities that could suit your personal preferences. You might consider starting in customer service, then find out you enjoy marketing or underwriting. Majority of insurance companies are likely to support their employees on their journeys in finding the job that fits them best Quotes

3. You can broaden your skillset

Having good selling ability is a helpful skill to have when working in insurance, but you’re not just a salesperson. This industry is diverse and can offer a variety of career paths. When working in this industry, a person can pick up many skills. These skills may include:

  • Problem-solving
  • Organization
  • Technology
  • Communication
  • Analytics
  • Research

As the insurance industry grows, so do its customer’s needs. This means that employers are also looking for more people that are proficient with social media, online communication, and digital marketing.

4. You’ll be working in a stable industry

People will always need insurance. As long as people carry on living their lives, driving cars, owning homes, and running businesses, insurance isn’t going anywhere.
When a recession happens, insurance stays more stable in comparison to other industries. This is because people and businesses will always need protection from risks in any situation.
The insurance industry offers the most job security when compared to other industries, this allows you to get a strong head start in your career and plan for your future.

5. It’s quick and easy to start a career in this industry

The entire process of becoming an agent can take as little as a few weeks. That’s where we come in. If insurance sounds like your thing, InsuranceJobs.sg is here to help you get started. Don’t hesitate to contact us and start your journey today.

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