Jaslyn Ng on rejecting a $250k package as Global HR Director and her leap into the insurance sector

Jaslyn Ng was once a successful HR director at a large company, but now, she is an agency leader whose name is well-known within Prudential and also within the insurance industry.

Her choice in this life-changing career change came about when she attended a 9-day NLP course where she met her mentor who shed some light on the problem areas of her life. She needed to overcome personal issues that caused her burnout and lead to the relapse of a health condition which lead her to re-evaluate her health as a priority. But more importantly, she was suffering from the guilt of not being present in her children’s lives. She felt that she had to choose between being a good mother or a good employee.

So after she rejected a 250k package to become a Global HR Director, she took the leap of faith and joined the insurance industry. This risk paid off big time as she built an incredibly successful insurance career and achieved the titles of a three-time Court of the Table producer, financial services manager and Asia’s Top 5 Rookie Insurance Agent at the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards.

Today, Jaslyn has found better work life balance and continues to protect and change people’s lives by raising awareness with proper financial planning with her team as an Associate Financial Services Manager, and is an active contributor on social media platforms.

If you want to listen to her inspiring full story, check out the full podcast below:

– Via The Adrian Tan Podcast.

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