Upcoming Webinar: AMA with Robin Tan

Starting out in a new job or industry is usually quite overwhelming, it’s something that most people experience and struggle with in these situations. We might not talk about it much as it may cause you or others to think that you are not succeeding in your career, and that can make you feel discouraged or maybe even decide to give up. But we are here to tell you that that is not the case, success usually requires a bit of hardship and that does not mean that you are failing. Nonetheless, we acknowledge that there is a struggle so we wanted to offer something that could help you better navigate this journey with confidence.

Robin Tan is an industry expert who has been in it for the past 15 years. He has an impressive track record and has held the MDRT title 7 years in a row. He has achievements from Court of the Table Qualifier (2021), Top of the Table Qualifier (2020), Ranked 1st for AVP/VP of the year (2020), Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier, and Titans Club Achiever (2019-2021). Besides this, he is passionately determined to nurture and guide a team of professionally competent and ethical Financial Services Consultants who will make a positive impact on our society by doing the right things in the right way.

The characteristic traits that anyone who knows Robin would use to describe him would be honesty, ethics, and sincerity. He always puts his client’s interests first and would rather seek to build long-lasting meaningful relationships with his clients rather than superficial ones.

Robin hopes to achieve 3 things for his clients; maximise their benefits, minimise their costs, and manage his relationships with them. He utilises the broad and extensive range of solutions provided by the platform at Manulife Financial Advisers (Manulife FA) in his commitment to assisting his clients to attain financial security, freedom and independence through providing them with well-thought-out and customized financial strategies.

As an Assistant Vice President of the company, Robin practices servanthood leadership; to lead is to serve. He hopes to build a culture of accountability, openness, and collaboration in his professional and personal career.

So with great pleasure, we have organised an insightful Zoom Webinar where we have invited Robin to give a talk and to answer any questions concerning a career in insurance. Robin has shared his knowledge with others in the past in hopes that he helped many to achieve enlightenment and useful insight that benefited their careers. We definitely think he did and continues to do so. A session such as this one is an incredible opportunity for anyone who is feeling a little lost or is just looking for some advice to boost their financial consultancy career.

Ask Robin anything you want in his Zoom Webinar happening on the 4th of August from 8 pm – 9 pm. Register now to lock in your spot!

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