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If you’re thinking about being a financial advisor, choosing the right agency with the right mentor is crucial for your success. We can tell you who’s hiring and with our profiling tool, suggest the agency that is suitable for you. Whether you are looking for your first job, are a seasoned professional, or are returning to the workplace, we believe we can fit you the right fit. Quite simply, we only work within the insurance industry, allowing us to move faster and more accurately than the competition.

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Our privileged position as the choice recruitment partner to some of the largest financial advisories in Singapore affords us the perspective on finding the right fit for you. Our unique collaborative model ensures you get matched with an agency that allows you to thrive.

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When you’re making the first move in your professional life as a financial planner, there is no better place to start than our early career development program. Our Undergraduate training programs are comprehensive career training programs that opens doors for undergraduates.

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Ensure you are fully equipped with the necessary fundamental knowledge and skills when making this significant move in your financial career. Our certified career coaches eagerly await to help you realise your full potential.

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