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If you're passionate about helping people find insurance and investment options that are right for them, then we may be the perfect match for you! Insurance Jobs is home to some of the largest insurance agencies and independent financial advisories in Singapore. Learn more about a potential employer by searching the company profiles. You can find out if you're the right fit by getting a glimpse into the company's culture.

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Hey! If you’re into assisting folks in sorting out their insurance and investment choices or intrigued by retirement planning, we might just click! InsuranceJobs is where you’ll find some of the big shots in insurance agencies and independent financial advisories right here in Singapore. Eager to see if you fit in with us? Dive into our company culture and see if it’s your jam.

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    Starting your journey as a financial advisor with the right guidance and mentorship from industry veterans.

    If you’re considering a future in the insurance industry, we can let you know who’s recruiting! With the help of our profiling tool, we can suggest which agency is the best fit for you. Be it your first job, you’re an experienced player in the field, or you’re just coming back to work, we are confident that we can find the perfect fit for you.

    We focus solely on the insurance industry. Meaning that we can move quicker and more precisely than others.

    Investing using robo-advisors, ETFs, and stocks to grow your wealth.

    Ready to take charge of your financial future? Investing in Singapore using robo-advisors, ETFs, and stocks can boost your wealth and help you achieve long-term success.

    These investment options open up a variety of financial tools for you, letting you create a balanced portfolio and grab profitable market chances.

    Is Your Financial Life Fully Supported?

    You might have a financial advisor or access to various services, but do you feel truly confident in your financial decisions? Our approach is different—we take the time to understand you beyond just your portfolio numbers. 

    With personalized advice and tailored solutions, we help you achieve your unique financial goals. Your goals are personal, so your advice should be too. Discover the guidance you might be overlooking.

    Build your career as a financial advisor while pursuing your studies.

    Want to make a difference in people’s lives through insurance and financial planning? You’ve come to the right place. You can even explore the insurance sector part-time. It’s a great way for students to get a taste of the industry before they graduate and see if it’s a good fit.

    We team up with partners who offer thorough career training programs, ideal for those starting their journey as financial planners. These programs open doors for new graduates and undergrads.

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    Looking to be an insurance agent? Find your dream insurance job based on location, experience, skill and more.

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    We help you to get a career plan mapped for the future, providing a detailed look at working in the various agencies.

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    Get insights into the people behind the agencies. Learn about their role, skills, experience and why they joined.

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    We help you discover new opportunities across companies and locations, so that you can find your dream career in insurance.

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    Job hunting can be super stressful. You want the perfect job with the right pay in a company where you can grow your career. We get it. The last thing you need is to be going through orientation and training within a financial advisory where you don’t feel like you fit. That’s why we help you land your ideal insurance job fast with quick and easy processes.

    Our privileged position as the choice recruitment partner to some of the largest financial advisories in Singapore affords us the perspective on finding the right fit for you. Our unique collaborative model ensures you get matched with an agency that allows you to thrive.

    Turn your endowment policies into cash assets.

    In Singapore, an estimated 20,000 individuals surrender their endowment policies annually, unaware of their potential resale value. As purchasers, we offer fair compensation for such policies, thereby facilitating an alternative method of asset disposal.

    Given our lean business model, we are well-positioned to extend more competitive rates than prevailing market norms. Turn your endowment policies into cash assets. Contact us now for a quick and painless resale process.

    Refer Potential Financial Advisors and Earn Rewards!

    Know someone who’s thinking about becoming a financial advisor? Send them our way and earn some cash! As a member of our network, your referral can help someone start their finance career and put some extra money in your pocket.

    We provide top-notch training and support, so your referral will get the guidance they need to succeed. You’ll not only feel good about helping others but also enjoy a nice reward. Don’t wait—refer now and enjoy the benefits!

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