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InsuranceJobs is the choice digital marketing agency that specializes in the financial planning industry. We help insurance agencies with their branding, digital marketing strategy, as well as providing them with content creation, social media management and other marketing services. Let us build a collaboration of presenting unmatched creativity, innovative, and bespoke solutions to the insurance environment here in Singapore.

Video Production

Our interview style video production services are aimed at making a strong and positive impact on your insurance agency.We specialize in producing creative videos that help businesses communicate more effectively with your target audience.

Social Media Management

Your one-stop-shop for all kinds of social media marketing.Whether you need to increase your brand awareness, or grow your business in the social media world, we aim to provide you with the best service for maximum return on investment.

Insurance Agency Website Design

Specialising in the creation of affordable and effective websites that are built around a lead generation strategy.Our website design and development team has years of experience in creating websites with business-critical lead generation functions.

Lead Generation Campaign

We helps insurance agencies attract more prospects through brand partnerships, online webinars, marketing campaigns, lead generation funnels and providing proprietary data and content to help you convert prospects into leads.

Market Research

We help you get insights into your target audience and market. Using our inhouse interactive quiz and survey tool, we help you conduct market research to gain market insights, build brand awareness, and ultimately generate new leads.

InsuranceJobs.sg Recruitment Portal

What you're looking at here! We are the choice recruitment portal for the insurance industry in Singapore. From content marketing to videography, the goal is to make your agency visible, get your agency noticed, and keep your agency connected to potential candidates.

Featured Work

Client: Jeffeury Tan Group representing AIA Singapore

We’re excited and honored to have Jeffeury Tan District as our newest client. Our goal for them was to provide them with a user-friendly experience through designing their website to best present their company and brand online.

We put a lot of effort into creating their new website and presenting their agency in an appealing, streamlined way. This also meant that we had to make sure every page on their website conveyed the right visual message so that visitors could understand what they were after.

InsuranceJobs Digital Marketing Presentation Deck

Who is behind InsuranceJobs.sg

Your digital marketing partner since 2008.

The Choice Marketing Agency for the Insurance Industry in Singapore​​

Digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to reach your customers. We are the leading digital marketing agency for the insurance industry in Singapore because we provide clients with innovative and effective solutions that help them to reach their target audiences. If you are a member of any insurance agency, we will be more than happy to work with you to bring your brand out from under obscurity into the limelight.

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