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Exciting  Job Opportunities for Recent Graduates, Undergraduates, and Part-Time Financial Advisors!

Are you fresh out of college, still in school, or just looking for a part-time gig in finance as a financial advisor? Are you genuinely interested in insurance and eager to learn more? If yes, we’ve got a great chance for you to dive into the insurance scene and start a rewarding career journey. Come aboard to get hands-on experience, pick up tips from pros, and discover the awesome opportunities waiting for you.

Selected candidates will further receive a guaranteed fixed monthly allowance in addition to their full commission, which can be granted for a duration of up to 12 months for both students and individuals joining us on a part-time basis.

Career Opportunities as a Student / Part-Time Financial Advisor

Starting your career journey offers great potential for growth and success, especially when you get solid training, valuable guidance, and dedicated mentoring from leaders invested in your development. This holds true, especially if you’re juggling your studies too. Come join our partner organizations, where hard work pays off, and accomplishments are recognized.

Goals: We aim to train individuals to help others with financial needs while teaching them how to manage their own finances.

Benefits of Being a Financial Advisor:

  1. Get a fantastic platform to learn and grow. Our partners focus on creating a supportive environment so you can reach new heights.
  2. No need to cold-call; warm leads will be provided.
  3. Enjoy a fixed monthly allowance along with full commission for up to 12 months.


  1. Handle customer objections smoothly.
  2. Thrive in a fast-paced setting.
  3. Be open to learning new techniques.
  4. Warm leads will be given; no cold-calling.
  5. Be flexible with working hours.

Our Ideal Candidate:

  1. Detail-oriented with great presentation skills.
  2. Good language skills and can communicate well.
  3. Motivated and eager to grow.
  4. Wants to make a meaningful contribution.
  5. Humble but with a can-do attitude.
  6. Sales experience is a plus but not necessary.
  7. Driven by results and has a good business sense.
  8. Confident, enthusiastic, and a great communicator.
  9. Social and excellent at building relationships.
  10. At least GCE ‘A’ level / Diploma, but no experience needed.
  11. Fresh grads and undergrads are welcome.
  12. Preference given to locals or PRs due to the need for local knowledge.

Starting as a financial advisor while still studying can set a strong foundation for future career growth. It opens doors to various opportunities in finance, investment banking, and more. You’ll gain valuable real-world experience in finance, complementing your studies.

Flexibility is a major perk; you can balance your studies with work, making it perfect for students seeking experience without sacrificing their education.

This job also helps you develop a wide range of skills like communication, financial analysis, problem-solving, and relationship management. These skills are highly valuable and can benefit you in many future career paths.

Becoming a financial advisor as a student requires dedication, hard work, and a thirst for learning. But with the right attitude, it can be a rewarding path that sets you up for success in the financial industry.

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