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AIA Launches The AIA Ultimate Critical Cover

The AIA Ultimate Critical Cover (AIA UCC) stands as a robust response to the pressing need for enhanced critical illness (CI) protection in Singapore. Aiming to bridge the substantial 74 percent CI protection gap, AIA Singapore has taken a proactive stance against the escalating prevalence of cancer, not only among seniors but also within younger demographics.

This strategic introduction underscores AIA’s commitment to safeguarding the health and financial well-being of individuals across all stages of life, reflecting a comprehensive approach to addressing emerging healthcare challenges in Singapore.

Critical Illness Study

A study commissioned by AIA Singapore has revealed a significant underestimation among consumers regarding the necessary amount of CI coverage required. There exists a critical knowledge gap, particularly among those without CI plans, smokers, and the younger demographic. The study found that respondents deemed a median CI payout of $100,000 to be sufficient, falling short of the recommended average minimum amount of $300,000 by the Life Insurance Association (LIA), Singapore.

The rising incidence of CI cases in Singapore is accompanied by notably high rates of recurrence. For instance, 1 in 3 heart attack patients may experience a recurrent cardiac event, while stroke patients face a 5 percent to 15 percent chance of stroke recurrence annually. Similarly, common cancers such as glioblastoma, ovarian cancer, and bladder cancer have high recurrence rates, emphasizing the need for comprehensive CI coverage.

Inadequate protection against critical illnesses can impose significant financial strain on patients and their families. Concerningly, one in four respondents reported that their family members suffering from cancer lacked a CI plan to rely on during critical times. The top reasons cited for not purchasing additional CI insurance were affordability constraints and perceived high insurance premiums, as highlighted in the LIA Protection Gap Study 2022.

About the AIA Ultimate Critical Cover (UCC)

The AIA Ultimate Critical Cover (UCC) is designed to address the critical illness protection gap in Singapore, offering ultimate protection with unlimited claims and coverage reset. As Singaporeans face increasing risks of critical illnesses like cancer and heart disease, the UCC provides comprehensive coverage across 73 critical illnesses across early, intermediate, and major stages. With benefits like multiple claims for major stages and coverage for relapses, the UCC ensures financial resilience during recovery. Customers can choose flexible coverage terms and enjoy coverage for 150 medical conditions.

Optional riders, including premium waivers and coverage for children, further enhance the plan’s continuity and security. Additionally, AIA Vitality integration offers premium discounts and access to personalized medical support, reinforcing the plan’s focus on holistic wellness. Notably, it provides the market’s first unlimited reset benefit, allowing unlimited claims until the end of the policy term, with a maximum claims limit of 500 percent sum assured applied to early and intermediate CI stages.

Additionally, the plan includes an accidental death benefit and can be integrated with AIA Vitality, a wellness program offering premium discounts to motivate healthy living. Powered by innovative features and comprehensive benefits, the AIA Ultimate Critical Cover provides peace of mind and financial security for individuals and their families.

Customers also have the option to include the UCC Enhancer rider, providing additional protection for relapse and catastrophic CIs, with no waiting period between claims. Furthermore, customers can opt for a premium waiver rider to ensure continued protection against CI in the event of a complete or substantial loss of income.

The AIA Ultimate Critical Cover aims to address the critical illness protection gap in Singapore by providing comprehensive coverage, innovative benefits, and affordability options to ensure financial security during critical times.

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