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Transitioning from Traditional Agencies to Financial Advisories

In the current landscape of stricter regulations aiming to empower investors with vital information for making informed decisions, the role of licensed Financial Advisors (FAs) becomes increasingly crucial. This significance is evident in Singapore, where initiatives such as CompareFIRST have been introduced to facilitate consumer access to transparent comparisons of life insurance policies. Through the CompareFIRST web portal, individuals can conveniently evaluate pricing, benefits, and other features of similar policies.

Simultaneously, the media has placed a heightened focus on the necessity of professional and unbiased financial advice. This increased coverage has contributed to the gradual improvement of financial literacy and sophistication, especially within the context of a complex regulatory environment.

As a result, there has been a notable surge in the number of investors seeking the guidance of financial advisors before purchasing insurance products. This trend signifies a growing recognition of the value that expert advice brings in navigating the intricacies of insurance and making well-informed choices.

The transition of traditional tied insurance agencies to financial advisories offers a distinct advantage by combining the flexibility of an FA firm with the robust financial strength and expertise of a leading international financial services group. This transition aligns with the objectives of the Financial Advisory Industry Review (FAIR) in Singapore, which aims to elevate industry standards and professionalism.

Furthermore, this transition promotes enhanced transparency in terms of products and customer value. By accessing offerings from both traditional insurance agencies and third parties, financial advisors can comprehensively address customers’ life insurance, savings, and retirement needs. This allows for a holistic comparison, drawing upon a broader spectrum of products and services with the primary focus being the prioritization of clients’ needs.

Additionally, financial advisors adhere to meticulous processes that involve documenting clients’ requirements, current circumstances, aspirations, and specific types of products and services needed. This thorough approach ensures that clients receive tailored and personalized advice.

Traditional tied insurance agencies are transitioning to financial advisories due to several reasons:

Expanding Services

Financial advisories provide a broader range of financial products and services beyond insurance. By transitioning, agencies can offer investment planning, wealth management, retirement planning, and other financial solutions to their clients. This allows them to cater to the evolving needs and demands of their customers.

Client-Centric Approach

Financial advisories focus on a holistic approach to financial planning, considering the overall financial well-being of their clients. This shift from a product-centric approach to a client-centric approach allows agencies to provide personalized advice and solutions based on individual needs and goals.

Regulatory Changes

Regulatory changes in the financial industry have played a role in the transition from tied insurance agencies to financial advisories. These changes promote transparency, independence, and higher standards of professionalism. By becoming financial advisories, agencies can comply with these regulations and demonstrate their commitment to ethical practices.

Market Competition

The financial industry is becoming more competitive, with a growing number of independent financial advisors and robo-advisory platforms entering the market. To stay relevant and competitive, traditional tied insurance agencies are transitioning to financial advisories to broaden their service offerings and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Business Growth Opportunities

By expanding into financial advisories, agencies can tap into new revenue streams and attract a wider client base. Offering a comprehensive suite of financial services allows agencies to deepen their relationships with clients and potentially increase their revenue through additional products and services.

Manulife FA Singapore, also known as Manulife Financial Advisers Pte. Ltd., was founded in April 2005. It has since established itself as a prominent financial advisory firm in Singapore, offering a range of financial products and services to individuals and businesses.

In March 2011, Great Eastern Financial Advisers (GEFA) was founded with a clear vision in mind. The company aimed to drive greater efficiency in the distribution of life insurance and investment products, while also fostering higher competency among licensed financial advisory (FA) firms. This vision propelled GEFA to establish itself as a leading player in the financial advisory industry, dedicated to delivering enhanced services and solutions to its clients.

In August 2017, AIA Singapore introduced AIA Financial Advisers (AIA FA) as part of its strategy to enhance its distribution network. This launch highlights AIA Singapore’s dedication to expanding options and improving accessibility for customers, ensuring they have access to quality and professional face-to-face financial advice.

Singlife Financial Advisers Pte. Ltd (Singlife FA)., a licensed financial advisory firm in Singapore, operates under the ownership of Singapore Life Ltd. (Singlife), a prominent local financial services company in January 2000. With the goal of providing individuals with an improved path to financial freedom, Singlife Financial Advisers offers comprehensive advisory services aimed at empowering clients to achieve their financial goals.

Prudential Singapore announced the official launch of its financial advisory arm in April 2023, Prudential Financial Advisers (PFA). This newly established firm aims to provide an expanded range of insurance products, encompassing general insurance as well as wealth solutions, to cater to a broader spectrum of customer needs.

Overall, the transition from traditional tied insurance agencies to financial advisories enables agencies to adapt to changing market dynamics, meet regulatory requirements, and better serve the evolving needs of their clients.

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